2021 Nuffield Farming Scholarship applications now open

The money awarded to a Nuffield Scholar for their study is not just a scholarship, it is seen as an investment in British agriculture
The money awarded to a Nuffield Scholar for their study is not just a scholarship, it is seen as an investment in British agriculture

Applications for a major industry bursary for the research of a topic of interest in farming is now open and will close on 31 July.

Approximately 20 Nuffield scholarships are awarded each year, providing successful applicants a substantial bursary toward travel and research.

Nuffield Farming Scholars come from across farming, land-based, food or agriculturally-associated industries.

The findings of scholars’ studies have brought a relevant and meaningful impact to UK farming that continue to resonate long after a study is completed.

Adam Banks, a 2018 Nuffield Scholar and founder of insect farming business Instar Farming, credits his scholarship with helping him grow his business.

“My Nuffield Scholarship gave me the opportunity to travel around the world building relationships with people who I probably would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise,” he said.

“Trying to launch a business in an emerging and niche industry like insect farming can feel daunting at times, however, Nuffield introduced me to a global community of entrepreneurs all working towards similar goals.

“Since completing my Scholarship I have gone on to develop my business and speak at a range of events, from a local farmer buying group to an international conference at the Natural History Museum."

Mike Vacher, Director of the Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust, added that what Scholars learn as part of their study and travels is important not only to the individuals themselves, but UK food and farming industry.

“Food and farming industries in the UK are looking at major changes in the coming years. Nuffield Farming Scholars are ideally suited to contribute their leadership skills and specialist knowledge as our nation looks to improve its food supply and agricultural practice,” he said.

“The Nuffield Farming legacy is evident with multiple generations of Scholars leading across all sectors of our industry. We are also very proudly celebrating 2020 as the ‘Year of the 1000th Scholar’, an important milestone in our history.”

He added: “Every year, applicants impress us with their innovative ideas and passion for their proposed topics of inquiry.

“We welcome all driven individuals from across the food, agriculture, horticulture and rural industries to apply and encourage those interested to reach out to our main office for support.”

Those interested in applying for a Nuffield Scholarship are encouraged to begin the process ahead of the 31 July deadline.

Who can apply?

• Applicants must work within the farming, food, horticulture, rural and associated industries or are in a position to influence these industries.

• Applicants must be aged between 22 and 45 years (the upper age limit is 45 on 31st July in the year of application).

• There is no requirement for academic qualifications, but applicants will already be well-established in their career and demonstrate a passion for the industry they work in. They must also be three years post-tertiary education.

• Candidates must be resident in the UK and hold a UK passport or be working directly for UK agriculture.