3,000 piglets loose after lorry over-turns in US

(Photo: Illinois State Police District 12 Effingham/Facebook)
(Photo: Illinois State Police District 12 Effingham/Facebook)

Around 3,000 piglets escaped an over-turned lorry in the US state of Illinois last week, according to local police.

The incident occurred on Friday 22 March following a traffic collision involving the lorry.

Illinois State Police District 12 Effingham said the incident happened 2 miles west of Casey.

On their Facebook post, which has gained over 18,000 shares, the force described how 'troopers assisted with corralling the livestock.'

The post also gathered over 2,100 comments. One Facebook user, Lanna Marie, said: “Prayers to the farmer whose inventory this is... but who may now have even more expenses to cover to insure the health of these pigs with a smaller pay check at the end.”

The incident follows a livestock lorry overturning on the A76 in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, last month, killing 200 sheep.

In January, firefighters rescued 39 cattle from an overturned articulated lorry in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

And in November 2018, a lorry carrying 600 live turkeys overturned in Norfolk causing significant delays and leaving oil spillage.