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14 February 2018 15:13:23 |Agri Safety and Rural Crime,News

Bikers riding illegally on farmer's land cause thousands of pounds in damage

The police said the incident has had a 'severe impact' on the farmer (Photo: Hertfordshire Police)

The police said the incident has had a 'severe impact' on the farmer (Photo: Hertfordshire Police)

Police are warning bikers who ride illegally and anti-socially following extensive damage to farmland in Hertfordshire.
Thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused to farmland in Maple Cross.
Over the past two weeks there have been several incidents involving motocross bikes damaging land at Warren Farm, situated between junction 16 and 17 of the M25.
Hertfordshire police have now warned that if anyone caught riding illegally or anti-socially, they could end up having their bike seized.
The damage has reportedly had a severe impact on the owner’s livelihood.
PC Christian Gottmann, from the Rickmansworth Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “I want to stress that riding bikes across private farm land is illegal and anyone caught doing so will be dealt with robustly.”

If someone is caught riding illegally or anti-socially, police can issue a written ‘section 59’ warning under the Police Reform Act 2002.
If that person is caught again within the next 12 months, police have powers to seize the bike.
If offenders do not subsequently reclaim their bikes and pay storage or recovery fees within a 14 day period, their vehicles can be crushed. Riders can also be reported for traffic offences.
“If you see anyone riding anti-socially, or have any information about who might be responsible for the damage, please contact police straight away,” continued PC Gottmann.
“Please try and get a good description of the rider and the colour of the helmet, if they are wearing one, and make a note of any registration numbers.”


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