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18 October 2016 10:11:00 |Government,News

Brexit will forge new relationship between Westminster and Cardiff, says CLA

MPs representing Wales will be part of a cross-party discussion on the future of Welsh rural economy after Brexit

MPs representing Wales will be part of a cross-party discussion on the future of Welsh rural economy after Brexit

The needs of Welsh farms and rural businesses must not be overlooked as the UK prepares for Brexit, the Country Land and Business Association have said.
MPs representing constituencies in Wales will be part of a cross-party discussion on the future of Welsh rural economy after Brexit.
Hosted by Mark Williams MP for Ceredigion, the CLA is creating this forum for discussion as part of the CLA’s ‘New Opportunities’ campaign to ensure that farming, the rural economy and the environment are treated as priorities by UK governments as the UK prepares for Brexit.
Following the discussion, CLA President Ross Murray and CLA Cymru Director Rebecca Williams will meet with Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales Guto Bebb to discuss the particular needs and concerns of rural businesses in Wales.
'Dynamic relationship'
CLA Cymru Director Rebecca Williams said farmers and other rural business owners across Wales are looking to the UK and Welsh government to 'work together effectively' in planning for a future outside the EU.
"Currently critical policy issues related to agricultural and rural economic development policy are delivered by the Welsh Government working within an EU framework," Miss Williams said.
"Once the UK has exited the EU it will mean a new dynamic in the relationship between Westminster and Cardiff.
"Our hope and expectation is that the result will be a strengthened relationship which reinforces the powers of Welsh Cabinet Secretaries and the Assembly.
"We are absolutely clear that the priority has to be what is in the best interest of businesses and people working in rural Wales.
"Politicians must ensure that the settlement is fair and comprehensive and that it provides adequate resources to meet rural economic and environmental policy objectives and that businesses are fully consulted at every stage.
"We are looking forward to this opportunity to talk with our MPs about how they can make sure that an optimum solution is presented to Welsh farmers and business leaders," Miss Williams concluded.


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