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Cotswold RAW – champion of the rural farming community

Pet food company Cotswold RAW supports the local farming community in sourcing its raw ingredients

Pet food company Cotswold RAW supports the local farming community in sourcing its raw ingredients

You’d think that the simple, common sense thinking behind raw pet food would mean that there’s little to choose between the growing tranche of ambitious raw pet food providers building this super premium pet category and yet you’d be wrong!
Whilst all the leading raw pet food providers are united in their belief that raw pet food is right because it harks back to an age when dogs were happy hunting and scavenging, the underlying motives behind why each business exists varies considerably.
At Cotswold RAW the overarching principle was always one of supporting the rural economy and giving back to a way of life that both founders adore.
"Our stance," explains Mark Lewis, Cotswold RAW MD, "Is very much one of championing ‘countryside common sense’ and a vibrant ‘rural economy’.
"The fact that our location dominates our brand name underlines our affinity to local farming and a rural lifestyle, helping to provide prosperity and real jobs to a region of the country too often overlooked for business investment and government ‘economic resuscitation’ initiatives.
"The simple truth is that our success is dependent on the uncompromising brilliance of our local farming network because any recipe is only as good as its ingredients."

Cotswold RAW insists on shopping on its doorstep because such a mindset ensures impeccable ingredient transparency and provenance.
According to co-founder Chris Brierley: "Our essential veg (kale, cabbage and carrots) is grown in Chipping Campden, quite literally behind our enlarged production facility, which means zero packaging and waste since the veg pretty much arrives over the fence on wooden pallets.
"We’re also lifelong admirers of Martin’s Meat’s award-winning, rare breed Longhorn which provides our beef trim, offal & bones whilst our lamb comes from long-standing Somerset partnership whilst our free-range eggs come from the fantastic Cooper’s Hill operation in Gloucestershire."
In essence, Cotswold RAW’s unflinching commitment to its local farming community helps explain why it continues to stand proud of the pack.


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