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14 March 2018 09:12:24 |News,Property News

Farmers given boost as extension to permitted development rights announced

Extension to permitted development for farm buildings will deliver rural homes and business boost, says the CLA

Extension to permitted development for farm buildings will deliver rural homes and business boost, says the CLA

Farmers have been given a boost this week after the Government announced an extension to permitted development rights that allow farmers to increase the size of their farm buildings.
It also allows farmers to convert buildings into homes without full planning permission.
Housing Minister Dominic Raab has extended permitted development rights, which is the right to convert buildings without having to seek a full planning permission, by increasing the size limit of new agricultural buildings to 1,000 square metres.
Mr Raab has also allowed for more options to convert existing farm buildings into family homes.
Landowner organisation the CLA said it is "committed" to making the planning system "easier, faster and more cost effective".
It said converting farm buildings into homes has been a "success story" of recent years and the Minister’s commitment to permitted development rights is a "further breakthrough" in the CLA’s effort to ensure the policy works for rural landowners and farmers.

'Greater certainty'
CLA President Tim Breitmeyer said: “Permitted development is a success story. It shows how greater certainty and clearer rules can unlock investment potential and provide a boost to rural businesses and communities.
“We are pleased the Government has listened to us and extended this successful policy further but now need to see it used more widely with local authorities following the right granted.
“Changing permitted development rights to increase the size limit of farm buildings will ensure farmers are better able to cope with the demands of modern farming and help to create more profitable businesses.
“This, along with the increased ability to build more desperately needed homes by converting existing farm buildings will reinvigorate rural communities and help to build a stronger, more sustainable countryside.”
However, Mr Breitmeyer warned that problems remain with significant local authority resistance to the use of permitted development rights, despite the clear policy direction given by the Government.
He said: “We have seen an increase in the number of applications for new rural homes being bought forward, but too many are still being refused. We will continue to work with the Government and local authorities to promote the positive impact of these types of conversions.”


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