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Farmers promoting environment with #EnvionmentalSuccess

Farmers are already doing work on farm to protect and enhance the environment

Farmers are already doing work on farm to protect and enhance the environment

Farmers across the UK are showcasing their #EnvionmentalSuccess following a challenge put to the industry during an NFU seminar in Wales.
A discussion on productive agriculture and the environment, which was chaired by NFU Cymru rural affairs board chair Hedd Pugh, was held at the Royal Welsh Show.
During the Q&A session, Monmouthshire NFU Cymru vice chair Kate Beavan raised a point which resonated with many farmers.
She said farmers are already doing great work on farm, to protect and enhance the environment alongside their core food production role, and added, 'what else would you like us to do?'
Rachel Lewis-Davies fully agreed with Kate Beavan and added: "We as farmers know the great work that’s taking place on farms across the UK.
"Farmers manage over 80% of the land area of Wales and are a huge contributor to the tourism industry worth £2.8 billion.

"676,000 hectares of farmed land is looked after under agri-environment schemes and productive farming is being coupled with environmental protection and enhancement.
"But what we haven't done is celebrated our own success as an industry enough.
"We must take every opportunity to promote our efforts and to ensure that everyone is aware of the great work that farmers are doing 365 days of the year."
Mr Pugh said: "We had a fascinating panel discussion and it is evident that we can all learn from each other.
"I would encourage farmers from across the UK to get involved in this great initiative."


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