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8 November 2017 10:42:01 |Machinery and Equipment,News,Products

Fed up of flimsy 7 pin plugs? Get fitted with the Rockfit Plug

A conversion kit has been announced which allows the user to use new technology to do away with flimsy 7 pin plugs.
UK TrailerLights have come up with an idea for users who don't want to replace their whole lighting system on a trailer or machine, and can instead use the Rockfit plug & H/D cable ‘conversion kit’.
Those who use a Rockfit Plug conversion from UK TrailerLights will do away with flimsy 7 pin plugs.
Using the same plug and heavy duty cable as used on complete wiring systems, the Rockfit Plug Conversion allows the user to use Rockfit Technology alongside existing trailer wiring loom.
The kit comprises of the Rockfit Plug, 3m Heavy Duty SY Cable, Rockfit Junction Box c/w ballast resistor for LED lights, fully waterproof snap-fit terminals for connections to existing wiring loom and a selection of cable ties.
Side cutters and a small screwdriver are the only tools required.

The Rockfit Plug Conversion can be used with conventional or LED lights and with the inbuilt ballast resistor, the 'tell tale indicator on the dash will work without costly work to the vehicle.


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