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8 May 2014 09:30:29 |Feed and Forage,News

Feed Law Code of Practice for England published

A new Feed Law Code of Practice for England has been published. The changes include a greater use of competence-based criteria for the authorisation of officials, an increased use of earned recognition for compliant feed businesses and the introduction of country specific codes. The Code was approved by the Minister in April 2014 and laid before Parliament yesterday, 6 May.
The new Code of Practice and the associated Practice Guidance can be found via the links towards the bottom of this page.
During 2012, the FSA carried out a review of local authority delivery of official feed controls. In November 2012, the FSA Board agreed to recommendations to improve the current local authority delivery. A major aspect of the required changes was a revision of the Feed Law Code of Practice.
The new Code has been developed with the help of stakeholders. The FSA held a full 12-week public consultation, which commenced in September 2013.
The Code that is published today applies to England only. Changes will also be introduced in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
The new Code of Practice for Wales will be available shortly and has been revised to meet any necessary Wales specific requirements.
A new Code for Scotland will be developed in conjunction with the establishment of the new Scottish food body.
Northern Ireland
The three main changes outlined at the beginning of this story will be incorporated into the feed law enforcement guidance for Northern Ireland.


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