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13 July 2018 13:22:24 |Cattle,Government,Meat,News

Japanese delegation visits UK in move to potentially reopen beef exports

The reopening of trade, if successful, will be a major boost for UK farmers and producers

The reopening of trade, if successful, will be a major boost for UK farmers and producers

Beef and lamb production controls have been inspected by government officials from Japan this week as part of ongoing moves to reopen the market on UK exports.
A delegation from the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare toured abattoirs across the UK to learn more about food hygiene controls – more than 20 years since BSE.
The five-day mission hosted by Defra included meetings to discuss food controls, animal passports and export health certification.
It forms part of ongoing work between Defra and numerous bodies to gain approval of beef and sheep meat exports to Japan.
The inspection follows news of China lifting its ban on exports of British beef in a landmark move for farmers, estimated to be worth £250m in the first five years alone.
The milestone follows more than 20 years of the Chinese government imposing a ban on British beef in the wake of the BSE or 'mad cow', crisis in 1996.

It is a move seen as a major boost for UK farmers and producers, as well as the UK's global reputation for high quality and welfare.
AHDB’s International Market Development Director, Dr Phil Hadley said: “This visit represents another important step in reopening this lucrative market which has the potential to create some exciting opportunities for our beef and sheep producers here in the UK.
“We will continue to work collaboratively with government and industry over the coming months to gain market access to Japan, building on an incredibly successful year for our UK meat exports.”


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