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19 February 2014 03:03:11 |Machinery and Equipment,News,Shows and Events

New Holland enjoys a triple success at FIMA awards

The 2014 edition of FIMA, the International Fair of Agricultural Machinery in Spain, was a success for New Holland. The brand one the most prizes for its technology: an innovation award for the Opti-grape system, and technological innovation awards for the Opti-Speed system on CX7000/8000 and the SmartTrax rubber track technology folr the TK4000 series crawler tractors.
Three awards presented by His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias, Felipe de Borbón.
The award ceremony included a very special guest, His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias, Felipe de Borbón, who was accompanied by the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Miguel Arias Cañete. Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland, together with Riccardo Angelini, General Director of New Holland in Spain, received the awards on behalf of the company from the Prince.
The Prince was especially impressed by New Holland’s stand with its spectacular visual and technological resources, as well as the wide range of machinery on display. The award ceremony itself was held in front of a large audience inside New Holland’s stand. The Prince showed most interest in the CX8000 super conventional combine, with its impressively powerful appearance.
“I consider these awards a well-deserved recognition of New Holland” said Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland Agriculture.
“They highlight one of the real strengths of our brand: our team, which has shown constant, unwavering dedication, and our efforts and investments in developing the most cutting-edge technological innovations, which improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of agricultural professionals all around the world. You can’t talk about the future without considering how important it is to invest in new products and innovations, and that’s the firm commitment of New Holland”.
The three awards given by the FIMA jury were for the Opti-Grape technology installed in the Braud 9000 series, which won an outstanding innovation award, together with two technical innovation awards for the Opti-Speed variable speed strawwalker used on the CX7000 and CX8000 Elevation combines, and the SmartTrax rubber tracks for the TK4000 series crawler tractors.
A FIMA outstanding innovation award was given to Opti-Grape technology, which provides an air-cushioned blowing surface to reduce non-grape material by up to five times before the grapes fall into the hopper. The operator adapts the air cushion’s strength depending on the type of grape.
Also, a new pre-sorter, composed of two sets of rollers in the pre-selection area, further improves cleaning performance by up to 20%. The result is a better quality, less ‘green’ tasting wine, which enhances grower profitability, as well as the desirability of the harvest.
A technical innovation award was bestowed on the Opti-Speed system on the CX7000 and CX8000 Elevation range of super conventional combines, which delivers up to 10% higher productivity. This unique system automatically varies the strawwalker speed based on the field’s gradient.
The operator simply selects from four pre-sets: wheat, maize, rapeseed and rice, and the Opti-Speed system takes care of the rest. When driving uphill, the strawwalker speed reduces to decrease the transport speed of the straw over the strawwalkers and when driving downhill, strawwalker speed is increased to prevent blockages. This system is particularly beneficial for maize harvesting thanks to slower strawwalker speeds
The optional SmartTrax rubber tracks, available on the TK4000 range of crawler tractors, received the FIMA 2014 technical innovation award. Offering exceptional traction and durability, these road-legal rubber tracks reduce vibrations to significantly enhance operator comfort and facilitate road transport.
The composition of the rubber tracks enables some flexion when they come into contact with the ground, which consequently lowers soil compaction, reduces damage to cover crops as well as soil scarring when performing headland turns. The rubber tracks are fully interchangeable with the standard steel variant when ultimate traction is required.
In addition, New Holland’s stand included a series of large areas each displaying different products, together with a very important area dedicated to the services New Holland offers to all of its clients. The services range from technical service and Top Service through to financial services and spares. A special feature at this year’s edition was a section dedicated to the company’s presence at the 2015 Expo in Milan, which will offer a unique opportunity to promote its concept of sustainable agriculture.
As featured in last year’s edition, an impressive demonstration truck was on display outside together with tractors from the T6 AC and T5 range, offering continuous demonstrations of their manoeuvrability and backhoe uses – an essential requirement for livestock farmers – together with prize draws and promotional gifts for visitors.
In addition, a group of 30 dancers gave the stand an extra-lively touch, with a specially created routine so that everyone could join in.


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