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27 September 2010 12:51:10 |News

Otter Exclusion With X FENCE Premier Wire Netting

Otters can decimate a total of ten kilos of fish stocks in less than a week!
XFENCE is a new stronger wire fencing that has been developed with otter exclusion in mind. Recent independent trials have shown that the XFENCE configuration and mesh aperture to be the most suitable for otter exclusion and 24% stronger when compared with other types of wire fencing currently on the market.
New for 2010 is the Predator XFENCE. This fence comes with all the properties of XFENCE but with the added advantage of a patented hinge joint within the fence pattern.This hinge allows the fence to have an apron fold either at the top or bottom of the fence which will act as a defence to burrowing or climbing predators. The benefits of this type of fence is that there is no compromise in its overall strength. Erection is also easier with a saving in both time and labour.
McVeigh Parker are able to create a range of mesh patterns, heights and designs to suit a number of situations.
McVeigh Parker are also creating a lighter Predator XFENCE for use in protecting inland fisheries. This type of fence is directed at those looking for an economic answer to their predator issues; heavier gauges will be marketed to the commercial and government sectors.
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