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7 April 2014 12:05:38 |Machinery and Equipment,News

Propeller Mixer with trolley for homogenised slurry

For the mixing of pig slurry under slats or in covered slurry silos, Landia’s Propeller Mixer with Trolley is highly effective in homogenizing layers or sediments.
Easy to install by simply lifting a couple of slats or manhole to allow the mixer to be winched down into the slurry, the 2.2 to 11kW unit (1500rpm) can be can be lifted or lowered, as well as turned horizontally to homogenise the slurry easily and effectively in the different sections.
This suitably balanced trolley-mounted Landia slurry mixer is also very easy to manoeuvre between tanks and buildings and narrow enough to fit through a personnel door.


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