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31 January 2009 02:57:06 |News

Scotland-Farmers making good headway with blue tongue.

Scotland has a compulsory vaccination programme against the BTV8 strain of the virus but NFUS says the most effective method of remaining free of the disease and avoiding the risk of introduction of other strains is to avoid imports.
"Scottish producers are fiercely passionate about their industry and its future, and this passion and belief has been clearly shown by the reaction of Scotland’s cattle, sheep and milk producers to the threat of bluetongue," says Penny Johnston, livestock policy manager.
"Under European regulation it would be illegal for the Scottish Government to ban imports from countries elsewhere in Europe.
"Therefore, the power to protect the livestock industry lies with producers. NFU Scotland is proud to say that Scottish producers have taken on this role and are standing firmly together to protect their livestock.
"We at NFUS believe that this is something Scotland should be rightly proud of."


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