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2 August 2013 08:30:44 |Machinery and Equipment,News,Shows and Events

World ploughing champ tyre goes to Mitas

Margareta Heigl

Margareta Heigl

Barbara Klaus, an Austrian driving a New Holland tractor mounted with Mitas tyres, took first place in the conventional ploughing world championship held in Olds, Alberta (Canada).
Her teammate Margareta Heigl won the silver in reversible ploughing driving a Steyr tractor.
John Whelan of Ireland won the reversible ploughing category.
“Mitas has sponsored Austrian ploughing world champions since 2001,” said Josef Heigl, head of Mitas’ sales office in Austria’s Traiskirchen. “Barbara and Margareta were the only women drivers from among dozens of competitors from 29 countries.”
Apart from their success in the overall championship’s results, Barbara and Margareta won gold medals in the grassland ploughing category and came in fourth place in the stubble field category.


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