Agricultural dispensation reminder for wide vehicles

The reminder comes ahead of the busy harvest period
The reminder comes ahead of the busy harvest period

Farmers have been reminded to apply for an agricultural dispensation for wide vehicle movements ahead of the busy harvest period.

Police notification is required if a vehicle, or implement, is over 3m in width and/or projects more than 4m, for example a plough.

Notification is also needed if travelling more than five miles, and/or travelling on any road with a speed limit of less than 40mph.

On receipt of an agricultural dispensation form, the police will issue an approval letter.

This may cover a full year, meaning individual notifications are not required unless the width on the original application form is exceeded.

A copy of the dispensation document should be carried in vehicles pertaining to it and produced in the event the vehicle is stopped by the police.

In Scotland, an agricultural dispensation form is available by contacting Police Scotland directly.

Farmers wishing to make a one-off movement with a wide vehicle can apply to Police Scotland, providing at least 48 hours’ notice of the intended movement.