Alltech UK appoints new Regional Poultry Sales Manager

Adam Platt will be focussed on helping producers on all aspects of bird husbandry
Adam Platt will be focussed on helping producers on all aspects of bird husbandry

Alltech has announced the appointment of Adam Platt for the role of Regional Poultry Sales Manager to help support increased demand on layer production facilities.

Adam has spent his seven year-long career providing specialist advice to the benefit of 2.7 million birds over 150 farms across the UK.

Because of this, he brings to animal health firm Alltech a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience on free range farms.

In this new role, he will help producers on all aspects of bird husbandry to maximise production profitability while helping meet growing welfare and environmental compliance standards.

Now a few weeks into the new role, Adam gives insight into his goals and strategies: “I was initially drawn to Alltech as I could see as an outsider what a fast-paced and exciting organisation it is, and my impression was right.

“From my first day, I have been doing what I enjoy best; providing poultry producers with genuine bespoke support and advise.

"In between these visits, I have been busy developing the launch of a new peck block that is soon to hit the market.

“From biosecurity to vaccination to housing, my approach is holistic. In addition to the day-to-day management support, I transfer the latest industry insights on present and future trends to ensure my customers are ahead of the challenges and utilising the opportunities."

Adam says he is passionate about natural prevention methods, and he has seen first-hand that Alltech’s technology works.

"In this sense, my job is both easy and rewarding, as I know I am making a difference, not only to the farm but also to the planet," he says.

“I understand that producing is a 24/7 vocation, and when I’m not on-farm, I am available on the phone to help ensure high-level performance."

John Cooper, UK Poultry Technical Manager, was keen to bring Adam into the role to continue the high-quality customer and on-farm support that Alltech has established over the years.

“Adam’s role will see him working across the different poultry production types, providing knowledge and nutritional programs using solutions to help customers achieve their goals,” says John.