Annual State of the Global Farmer Survey now taking submissions

The State of the Global Farmer report is the largest annual survey of livestock producers from across the world
The State of the Global Farmer report is the largest annual survey of livestock producers from across the world

AgriWebb's annual State of the Global Farmer survey is now live and taking submissions from livestock farmers around the world.

The 2023 survey looks at a number of key areas including how supported farmers are feeling by government policy, the main challenges they are facing, as well as goals for their farming business.

The last survey, completed this year, was completed by hundreds of farmers in the UK, US, Australia and beyond.

It showed that 29% of UK farmers surveyed were most concerned about the negative PR farming, especially livestock agriculture, receives and were keen to turn that around.

Compared to Australia and the US where producers were less worried, 17.6% and 12.3% respectively.

The report also showed that genetics (37% of respondents in the UK) and sustainability (50%) were key areas to think about for the future.

UK farmers (24%) were also 'very concerned' about meat prices, along with 23.4% of Australians).

Will that have changed in 2023, given the trade deal between Australia and the UK?

Emma Buckby, AgriWebb's head of marketing UK, said: "This is a critical time in agriculture and we have a gamut of challenges and opportunities like never before.

"There is plenty in the media about farming policy and where farming should be going. But it is most important to hear what farmers have to say.

"They are the ones that know the land and farming operations better than anyone, so they also know what farming can look like in the future and what could be possible.

"And they can let us know how we can support them get there."

The follow up survey, open from now until 9 December, will see how industry sentiment has changed in the last 12 months, since the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine and a subsequent crisis around food-supply.

How can I take part?

The survey is available to complete online, with the report set to be published in the new year.

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