Arla holds milk price for eighth consecutive month

Arla confirms milk price hold for eighth month in a row
Arla confirms milk price hold for eighth month in a row

Dairy cooperative Arla has confirmed its price for conventional milk will remain the same for September 2019.

Arla's UK manufacturing price will remain at 30.22 pence per litre next month, while its organic price will stay at 41.97ppl.

According to the co-op, which is owned by 2,500 British farmers, global production continues to fall with commodity markets remaining quiet, resulting in relatively stable prices across Europe.

It added that organic markets remain stable, however, European butter prices reduced further in June as a reaction to lower cream prices but remain attractive for exports.

Arla Foods amba board director Arthur Fearnall, said: “Overall, European milk production is stable compared to last year, although the regional differences we have seen so far this year continues, particularly in the UK, showing strong increases versus last year.

“It is being part of a strong global dairy cooperative that has enabled us to maintain our milk price for the seventh month in a row.”

Arla Foods UK is the largest dairy company in the country.