Bexhill badgers contained safely and sustainably

As a protected species, dealing with badgers and badger setts requires extreme care in order to stay within the law. However, at the same time, a badger sett in the wrong place can cause significant damage, undermining buildings, possibly causing ground collapse and even structural failure. At Bexhill in East Sussex, this became an issue when one sett threatened to undermine an electricity sub station.


To assess the damage and, working under a protected species management licence, rectify the situation and prevent damage to the electricity sub station.


After removing all vegetation from the site, ADAS used a ground penetrating radar survey to identify the exact routes of the underground tunnels within the sett. A licence was obtained to close off part of the sett. This was achieved by digging a trench and installing a buried and badger proof barrier along the fence line.


Drawing upon extensive management experience of this protected species and its habitats, an innovative and environmentally sound solution was produced for the client. This was then implemented within a tight timescale, while continuing to work within environmental legislation. The work has prevented further damage to the sub station, the potential loss of power to domestic customers, and the badgers remain unharmed in their sett.