British Centres for Business to represent British lamb in Middle East

BCB will promote British lamb throughout the important Middle East region
BCB will promote British lamb throughout the important Middle East region

The British Centres for Business has been appointed as the official representative for British lamb in the Middle East to help promote the meat in the region.

The appointment, made by the AHDB, comes in response to rising demand for British lamb in the Middle East.

British lamb will be promoted through the BCB’s reach and relationship with buyers across the key markets.

The firm is a business-to-business professional services company which provides operational support and market entry services to British companies in the Middle East.

Imports of British lamb to the region saw a huge 319% increase between 2018 and 2019, with the value of trade estimated to have risen by £2.5m in that period.

With the supply of lamb from international competitor markets declining in recent years, British lamb is seen as being optimally placed to become the region’s main supplier.

Dr Awal Fuseini, Halal Sector Manager for the AHDB highlighted that the Middle East was an important market for British lamb exporters.

"This arrangement will help build a healthy relationship between UK processors and the major importers in the Middle East,” he said.

The UK meat industry is considered one of the most regulated industries in the world in terms of animal welfare and food safety standards.

The sector is respected and valued in the Middle East market, where there is a religious imperative on non-exploitative environmental practices.

British lamb is largely free-range, grass-fed and produced under sustainable schemes to reduce impact on the environment.

BCB’s CEO Joe Hepworth said: “Lamb has long been a favourite staple of regional cuisine, and we know that consumers here value the high-quality options that British lamb provides.”