British Farming Awards 2022 finalists fly the flag for sustainability

The inspirational group of farmers and food producers will now battle it out for the top accolades across fifteen categories
The inspirational group of farmers and food producers will now battle it out for the top accolades across fifteen categories

All sixty farmers shortlisted for the British Farming Awards 2022 are making significant strides in helping UK agriculture achieve the industry’s aim to reach net zero by 2040.

The finalists, from across the UK, are demonstrating sustainable practices including the restoration of ancient orchards, planting thousands of kilometres of hedgerows to protect wildlife, and implementing renewable energies to run carbon neutral businesses.

The inspirational group of farmers and food producers will now battle it out for the top accolades across 15 categories which highlight the diversity and diligence of UK agriculture.

Alongside farming’s core sectors including dairy, beef, sheep and arable, there is a celebration of new entrants coming into the industry, the sophisticated progression of agri-technology and the continuing creation of innovative diversifications.

A further two awards – Outstanding Contribution to British Agriculture and Farmers Guardian Farming Hero – will be announced during the awards evening which will be held on Thursday, October 20, at the newly announced venue of The Vox, Birmingham.

Organised by Agriconnect, parent company of Farmers Guardian, Arable Farming and Dairy Farmer, the British Farming Awards is supported by Morrisons.

The British Farming Awards is a nationally recognised event which has celebrated, showcased and rewarded hundreds of British farmers who have successfully introduced innovation to drive their business forward, despite ever-increasing challenges.

Sophie Throup, head of agriculture at Morrisons said: “As long-term supporters of British farming, we want to thank farmers across the country for the work they continue to do in these challenging times.

“We want to support the recognition of the effort, care, innovation and skills British farmers put into making and providing food we are all proud of.”

Who are the finalists?

• Agricultural Student of the Year, sponsored by Kubota

Sam Allison, Harper Adams University

Rhona Campbell-Crawford, SRUC

Lucy Hinch, Harper Adams University

Jack Sadler, Harper Adams University

• Agri-Tech Innovator of the Year, sponsored by Farmdeals

Will Dunn, Ag-drive, Yorkshire

Jonathon Featherstone, Featherstone Machinery, Lincolnshire

Jacqueline Fitzgerald and Diarmaid Mac Colgain, Concept Dairy, Oxfordshire

Florian Richter and Christopher Chavasse, Cobrey Farms, Muddy Machines, London and Gloucestershire

• Arable Farmer of the Year, sponsored by Oxbury Bank

Edward Gent, C.S. Gent and Sons, Lincolnshire

Jonathan Hodgson, I.M. Hodgson and Son, Yorkshire

James and Emma Loder-Symonds, Nonington Farms, Kent

Iain Wilkinson, Balgay Farm, Perthshire

• Beef Farmer of the Year, sponsored by ABP Food Group

James Alexander, A. Alexander and Co, County Antrim

John Aynsley, Skelton Farming, Yorkshire

Edward Hawkins, Cutsey Farms, Somerset

Oliver Paul, Freston Farming, Suffolk

• Contractor of the Year, sponsored by Kuhn

Tim Carter, Tim Carter Cattle Foot Trimming Services, Dorset

Benn Lugsden, Benn Lugsden Shepherding, Suffolk

Josh Penrose, Penrose Contracting, Sussex

Tim Russon, P. Russon and Sons, Lincolnshire

• Dairy Farmer of the Year sponsored by KW

Adrian Ashley, Lower Tunley Farm, Somerset

Lorna and Jim Burdge, J. and L. Burdge, Devon

Gordon Davies, Rivermead Dairy, Devon

Morgan Tudor, T. and A. and R. Tudor, Powys

• Digital Innovator of the Year sponsored by Lely

Holly Gilbert and Dan Grist, It’s In Our Roots podcast, Devon

Olly Harrison, T. and O. Harrison, Merseyside

Ted Howard-Jones, CL Booking, Buckinghamshire

Ewan Irvine and Emma Gray, Sheepdog School, Argyll and Bute

• Diversification of the Year (Small to medium) sponsored by Hillsgreen

Henry and Victoria Cushing, The Pumpkin House, Norfolk

Emily and Luke Knight, Knights Care Farm, Devon

John Robinson, Millwood Crafts, Northern Ireland

Ewan Irvine and Emma Gray, Sheepdog School, Argyll and Bute

• Diversification of the Year (Large) sponsored by the CLA

Richard Cross, Tithe Green Natural Burial, Nottinghamshire

Laura and John Lewis, Squirrels Nest Treehouse Retreat, Powys

Robert and Lucy Wilson, Wilsons Farm and Kitchen, Roxburghshire

Chrissy and Arron Wells, Sarah Robinson and Caroline Tasker, South Brockwells Farm, Sussex

• Family Farming Business of the Year, sponsored by Morrisons

The Davis family, Rivermead Dairy, Devon

The Johnson family, Johnsons of Old Hurst, Cambridgeshire

The Kirkham family, M. Kirkham and Sons, Lancashire

The Mee family, Mee Farmers, Northamptonshire

• Farm Worker of the Year, sponsored by Isuzu

Melanie Jackson, Clive Soanes Broilers, Yorkshire

Jennifer Proudlove, Halton Farm, Cheshire

Amanda Thomas, KAT Farm Services , Yorkshire

Alison Waugh, Daisy Bank Dairy, Powys

• Grassland Farmer of the Year, sponsored by Germinal

Andrew and Kirstie Baird, Auchnotroch Farm, Lanarkshire

Andrew Brewer, F.G. Brewer and Sons (Farms), Cornwall

Mark Housby and Robert Craig, Peepy Farm, Northumberland

John Yeomans, Llwyny Brain, Powys

• New Entrants Award: Against the Odds, sponsored by Massey Ferguson

Abbie Bryant and Andy Moye, A. and A. Livestock, Suffolk

James Edwards, J.J. Livestock Solutions, Shropshire

Matthew Elphick and Betsie Edge, Brays Farm, Surrey

Claire Llewellyn and Steve Matthews, Mattwellyn, Staffordshire

• Sheep Farmer of the Year, sponsored by SAI Global

Matt Chatfield, The Cornwall Project, Devon

David Elgin, R.M. Eglin and Son, Warwickshire

James Keller, Lambs End, Warwickshire

Gwen Price, Goleugoed, Carmarthenshire

• Sustainable Farmer of the Year, sponsored by Alltech

Dulcie and Jonathan Crickmore, Fen Farm Dairy, Suffolk

Mark Means, J.S. Means (Terrington) Norfolk

Wilfred Mole, Lower Pertwood Organic Farm, Wiltshire

Tom Simmons, Riviera Produce, Cornwall

• Farmers Guardian's Farming Hero, sponsored by Eternit

This award recognises an individual or group of people who strive to make a positive difference to the lives of other people during times of uncertainty or adversity.

They may also be campaigning to raise awareness to the wider industry and beyond. The winner will be announced on the evening of the awards.

• Outstanding Contribution to British Agriculture, sponsored by NSF

This award is designed to recognise one individual’s dedication to the farming industry; someone who has worked tirelessly for UK farming, through delivering innovation, championing the needs for farmers, spearheading change or promoting the industry to the wider public.

The winner will be announced on the evening of the awards.