British Wool Marketing Board to showcase its work at South Sheep 2016

Lincoln Longwool Sheep
Lincoln Longwool Sheep

Event sponsor the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) will showcase the work it does on behalf of wool producers at NSA's South Sheep 2016, Salisbury, on Tuesday 7 June.

BWMB Vice Chairman and Southern England Board member Trevor Richards said the event provided an opportunity for wool producers to understand better what BWMB was doing on their behalf.

"Both Board members and BWMB staff are always keen to meet wool producers as many are largely unaware of what happens to their wool once it leaves the farm - having a better understanding of what happens to their wool once it reaches a Board depot is important for all producers.

"Many wool producers will be aware the last 12 months has been a challenging one in the wool market but can be reassured the BWMB is working hard to maximise demand for wool, both through its own marketing activities and its involvement in the Campaign for Wool (CfW)," he said.

Importantly, wool producers should remember the BWMB is unique in being embedded at the very heart of the wool supply chain and is active at every level of the industry, from shearing to grading and on to wool sales.

'Celebrating Wool'

"BWMB is the only central marketing board in existence in the UK today and it's clear to see what the removal of marketing boards has done in other sectors.

"Wool producers should value the Board and the work it does as without it effective wool marketing would be a much harder task, said Mr Richards.

"Central to the BWMB marketing process is the grading of fleeces by skilled graders to ensure every fleece is marketed appropriately and maximises the value of wool to the producer."

And while final producer returns this year will be lower than last year, BWMB is working hard to maintain market demand, said BWMB Producer Communications Manager Gareth Jones: "There is a wide range of work being done by the Board and CfW to ensure demand is maintained and recent sales have seen strong clearance rates which bodes well for the new season ahead."

This year’s South Sheep will see the BWMB stand in a new ‘Celebrating Wool’ area, a part of the event dedicated to wool production and all parts of the wool supply chain, added Mr Jones.

The stand will also include an identify the breed competition for event visitors to participate in, whilst the event’s fleece competition will be judged by BWMB’s South Molton depot manager Mike Berry.

"BWMB board members and staff are looking forward to meeting wool producers at South Sheep and I encourage all sheep farmers attending the event to spend some time on the BWMB stand to see what the Board is doing on behalf of UK wool producers," added Mr Jones