Brits value farmers more than any other nationality, says survey

New polling by YouGov shows that the British public value farmers more than any other country
New polling by YouGov shows that the British public value farmers more than any other country

No other country in the world shows a higher degree of respect for farmers than the UK, according to a survey of people across 16 countries.

An international YouGov survey of more than 22,000 people in countries across the globe reveals the most and least-respected professions.

While scientists and doctors came out as the most-respected professions, 47% of UK respondents said they would be happy if their child became a farmer.

This compares to a global average of 23 percent, the YouGov survey shows [PDF].

It comes as Covid-19 and Brexit have challenged food supply chains like never before, making the public realise the extent of the UK's leadership in producing high-quality food.

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) welcomed the survey, saying British farmers produced to some of the highest environmental and animal welfare standards in the world.

"People increasingly know that British produce is a badge of quality and sustainability – and we should promote it," said Mark Bridgeman, CLA president.

“I have no problem with campaigns such as Veganuary, but often you find negative stories circulating online about farming standards that use data that is either wholly incorrect, or that simply does not apply to British farmers.

"We need to constantly fight back and promote a positive image of the British farming industry – farmers provide us with world-class food reared and grown on our doorstep."

Mr Bridgeman said farmers were also making significant strides in helping tackle climate change, reverse biodiversity decline and support local economies.

"Perhaps, in promoting this positive image, the Yougov survey shows we are pushing at an open door,” he added.