Cargill named UK retailer Morrisons ‘Supplier of the Year’

A retailer such as Morrisons, with just under 600 stores across the country, relies on long term strategic partnerships with its suppliers to ensure a safe and sustainable supply of food for its consumers.

Cargill’s European poultry business is Morrisons largest fresh chicken supplier, providing the retailer with both rotisserie and fresh chicken products for nearly 30 years.

At their annual supplier conference, Morrisons recognised Cargill’s dedication, values and collaborative approach by naming Cargill ‘Supplier of the Year 2015’.

Casper Meijer, Group Trading Director Morrisons said; “We introduced the M Partnership programme in 2013, to drive greater efficiencies between our business and our suppliers. Cargill embraced this right from the start, working collaboratively with us on every aspect of our business. In the last year alone, Cargill’s work has exemplified the values and approach we seek for all our suppliers to enable us to deliver high class products and services to our customers. For us, the 2015 Supplier of the Year, had to be Cargill.”

Pilar Cruz, Managing Director Cargill Meats Europe said; “We were delighted to receive this award and the recognition from Morrisons. This is a huge milestone in our relationship with Morrisons and demonstrates the clear alignment between our two business and our customer focused approach. We look forward to many more years of collaboration to come.”

Cargill was an early adopter of the Morrisons ‘M Partners’ initiative, working with Morrisons in order to improve the performance of the fresh chicken and rotisserie product categories, leading a collaborative approach with the other chicken suppliers aimed at meeting the challenges of the current trading environment.