Carlisle open day gives farmers latest on wind power

A Cumbrian farmer who has installed the latest energy-saving wind turbine on his land is hosting an open day for farmers and land owners across the North who want to know more about possible cost savings from wind generated electricity.

The free event, near Carlisle, takes place on Tuesday 7 October and is one of four open days being held across the north of England and Scotland this autumn by specialist farm-scale wind turbine installer and supplier, Earthmill.

“Cumbria is ideal for generating wind energy because the winds here are strong and consistent, as local farmers will know only too well,” said Steve Milner, managing director of Earthmill.

“We’ve received lots of requests from the farming community to see our state-of-the art, British-built Endurance X29 225kw turbines in action and the open day will enable farmers to do just that, as well as sharing views and experiences.”

The Endurance X29 turbine is made in the UK and, with an output of 225kW per year, generates enough electricity to power 70 homes.

Mr Milner added: “The Earthmill team will be on hand throughout the day to give advice and information about the savings, technology and practicalities of installing wind turbines on agricultural land and farmers will be able to talk to people in their own industry who have already installed a wind turbine.”

“The financial benefits of wind turbines for farms are becoming increasingly relevant to farmers and landowners as energy bills continue to rise,” said Mr Milner. “By generating green power themselves, farmers can meet their own farm’s power requirements as well as creating additional revenue by selling surplus electricity to the National Grid.”