Coronavirus: Farmers offered beef and lamb kits to sell more meat

AHDB is offering kits to farmers who want to sell their meat directly to consumers
AHDB is offering kits to farmers who want to sell their meat directly to consumers

Farmers are being offered beef and lamb kits as a way to sell more meat directly to the public as the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis continues.

The online kits are suitable for farmers starting up a direct selling venture, as well as those already running their own box scheme.

They provide information and advice for businesses involved in direct meat sales covering farm shops, farmers markets and schemes focusing on meat quality and profitability.

The resources have been created by AHDB, and have been revamped in light of the current economic challenges facing the industry as a result of the coronavirus.

The ceasing of trade to hotels, restaurants and pubs produced a destabilising effect on the market prices for both lamb and beef as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

In particular, carcase balance issues persist with the lack of this traditional market for more high value beef cuts, such as steaks.

Martin Eccles, trade marketing executive at AHDB, explained that the online kits include new advice and guidance to help farmers make the most of the meat they sell.

“We have found that consumers want to know about where their meat comes from – they want to know its story from farm to fork.

“During these difficult times, it’s more important than ever that we help producers to promote their meat and increase demand following the loss of many foodservice outlets.

"These kits are designed to give producers a real grounding in setting up a business selling to the public.”

If farmers are looking to start up, or are running their own farm beef or lamb box scheme, AHDB have produced supporting materials.

Each downloadable beef and lamb box kit includes a cutting specification, yield guide, costing sheets, promotional materials and recipe cards.