East Midlands Airport opens food outlet certified with the Red Tractor logo

Three Shires Food Market, East Midlands Airport newest food and beverage operation was awarded its Red Tractor plaque on the 4th September. The food court will serve a variety of foods covered by the Red Tractor logo in a move to assure consumers that only certified, quality local ingredients are being used. The food market is custom designed with strong regional influences, including an extensive range of products from prominent local food suppliers.

The Red Tractor logo was awarded to Three Shires Food Market in recognition of its commitment to working with the Red Tractor certified farming and food producing community local to the airport. The logo can only be used on food that has been inspected and found to meet high production standards at every point along the supply chain from farm to shelf.

"We are extremely excited about the launch of this custom-designed, high quality location that offers a wide variety of local and international products with a strong emphasis on freshly made items. This concept—in combination with the Red Tractor endorsement—fits well into our strategy of "Making the Traveller"e;s Day Better", said Andrew Guy, Managing Director of HMS Host UK & Ireland. "A visit to Three Shires Food Market will surely enhance the traveller"e;s experience at East Midlands Airport."

The Red Tractor symbol was brought to life on the day of the launch by Massey Ferguson, who kindly provided model red tractors as a memento for those who attended the opening.

David Clarke of Assured Food Standards presented the Red Tractor wall plaque to HMS Host, and thanked Andrew Guy on behalf of all Red Tractor assured producers. He added that, "The Red Tractor scheme is an excellent incentive to encourage farmers to produce to high standards. However, it only adds real value if companies have the foresight to use Red Tractor assured farmers, and demand local, quality assured ingredients which is what we have seen with HMS Host today. Three Shires Food Market has gone one step further, with their splendid display of quality, local Red Tractor food products which communicates to the travelling public how proud they should be of their local heritage".