EPG Global reveals top 5 causes of tractor breakdowns

Electrical failures are number one on the top five breakdown list
Electrical failures are number one on the top five breakdown list

New research has identified the top five causes of tractor breakdowns, analysing extensive claims data of over 19,000 tractor repairs for the five years.

EPG Global has analysed data from 2016-2020 to compile the list, with the top causes being: Electrics; Engine; External Hydraulics; Transmission and Operator Environment.

Modern tractors are complex pieces of kit, and sophistication can lead to electrical failures which are number one on the breakdown list.

Holly Shepherd, EPG global managing director said the costs for repairing modern engines can escalate rapidly.

"It makes financial sense to look after the heart of your tractor which is the second most likely failure we see," she said.

"Third on our list are the external hydraulics. A slow or sluggish hydraulics system is both frustrating and a sign that more serious problems may be around the corner.”

As well as compiling the top five, EPG Global has produced a report with tips to keep tractors in prime condition. The full copy of the report is available to download.

Holly Shepherd said electrical components should not be considered in isolation - 'it’s important to look at the vehicle as a whole'.

"For example, failing to replace oil and filters can have a knock-on effect to other systems of the vehicle," Ms Shepherd said.

"Increasing engine performance beyond its designed specification could damage key components of the machine.

"If you need more performance or power, then invest in a specification that meets your demands."

She added: “However careful you are, breakdowns can still happen – which is why our specialist warranty cover is a wise investment to get you back up and running quickly and protect your bottom line.”