Farm launches therapeutic horse meditation sessions

(Photo: Hands on Heavy Horses/Facebook)
(Photo: Hands on Heavy Horses/Facebook)

A Cumbrian hill farm has launched workshops that offer visitors meditation and therapy sessions with horses.

The 180-acre Whasdyke Farm, near Windermere, offer the chance for people to get up close with Clydesdale horses.

According to the farm, visitors can 'escape for the day' to an environment where the 'stresses of the modern world are stripped away'.

Each retreat begins with a session of yoga, followed by meditation with the horses.

Katherine Beaumont, founder of Meditate With Horses, is the brainchild behind the idea.

She told the BBC that the sessions 'completely changed' her life.

Other farms to offer such services include an 'off the grid' smallholding in Devon which offers customers 'alpaca yoga', a UK first to offer the peculiar outdoor activity.

They host a wide-range of alpaca activities, such as alpaca walking, alpaca picnics, art workshops involving alpacas and an all-out 'alpaca experience'.