Farmer backlash against PETA UK's call for 'whistle blowers'

(Photo: PETA UK/Twitter)
(Photo: PETA UK/Twitter)

Farmers have reacted to PETA UK's call on social media for 'whistle blowers' to come forward against the British dairy industry.

The activist group's full page advert was seen in the North Wales newspaper Daily Post this week.

The advert 'encourages' the public to 'submit evidence of animal welfare violations including split hooves, untreated mastitis and untreated lameness'.

"ATTN: We want to lift the lid on cruelty in the dairy industry," PETA UK said on social media with a photo of the advert attached.

"We're calling on whistle-blowers to come forward with reports of cruelty to cows on UK dairy farms."

Dozens of high-profile industry figures and social media users debated the nature of the advert, and whether it was reasonable and valid.

Some social media users defended the advert, as farmers 'should support whistleblowing against bad practice'.

Gareth Wyn Jones, a high-profile sheep farmer from North Wales, said it was the newspaper - based in the same region as him - that he was 'shocked' with.