Farmer needed to head next year's Love Lamb Week

The chosen sheep farmer will have the opportunity to share content from a compete farming year
The chosen sheep farmer will have the opportunity to share content from a compete farming year

The UK sheep sector is on the lookout for an enthusiastic farmer to be the face of next year's Love Lamb Week initiative.

The new 'Face of Love Lamb' will be required to take on the campaign's social media activity on Facebook and Twitter.

He or she will share their working life with the British public to help educate them on sheep production, along with its environmental and nutritional credentials.

It is expected the successful farmer will take on the campaign's social media accounts for 12 months.

It follows this year's Love Lamb Week campaign, which runs from Wednesday 1 September to Tuesday 7 September.

For 2021, the weeklong campaign is focusing on the sustainable nature of UK sheep farming in its messaging.

Love Lamb Week was established in 2015 by Cumbrian sheep farmer Rachel Lumley in response to poor lamb prices and low domestic consumption.

Rachel sadly passed away in 2020. The new face of the campaign will take on her legacy and ambition to improve the nation’s taste for lamb.

The National Sheep Association (NSA), which spearheads the annual initiative, said it was confident that the competition would uncover some new farming faces.

“The success of the campaign is boosted by farmer’s own activity, telling their personal story of their work to produce a sustainable delicious product in the UK’s beautiful countryside," NSA communications officer Katie James said.

To apply, applicants are required to complete an online form and submit a short video detailing their own farming story and why they believe they would be a good spokesperson.

Applicants must be aged 18 or above and live and work in the UK, with sheep farming as their main source of income.

Ms James added: “NSA is already aware of many enthusiastic and engaging farmers using social media to give an insight into life working in agriculture who are excellent at informing the public on the highs and lows of farming life.

"We are confident this competition will uncover some new farming faces who can help the social media accounts attract a larger audience that will enjoy watching and learning from the stories and posts that are shared.”

The successful applicant will take on the account for the next 12 months providing opportunity to share content from a compete farming year.

They will be required to work with NSA and the other organisations involved in delivery of Love lamb Week.

The competition launches on the first day of Love lamb Week 2021 on 1 September and will be open to applications until 15 September at 5pm.