Farmer tells other to see 'bigger picture' and diversify

Roddy Hamilton said that through diversification, the British public can better support farmers
Roddy Hamilton said that through diversification, the British public can better support farmers

A North Yorkshire farmer who is investing £350,000 in his new 'glamping' venture has encouraged others to see the 'bigger picture' and diversify.

Roddy Hamilton, owner of Thrussendale Farm, in Acklam, near Malton, is investing in a new glamping project he's named 'The Private Hill'.

The farmer is now keen to spread the word to others about what he is doing to secure the future of his farming business, namely through diversification.

From businessman to farmer, Roddy is currently applying all he knows about the corporate world and branding to ensure the future of the small farm sector, whilst also supporting the tourist industry in North Yorkshire.

While doing this, Roddy and his wife Jane continue to look after a pedigree herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, producing well above average EBV bulls for the commercial beef and dairy sectors.

There is also a thriving community of sheep with newborn lambs, hens with chicks – suffice to say the farm is doing well.

The couple now want to invest in their new venture. Roddy’s reasons span further than pure profit ambition, and come from his discovery and love of farming.

His intentions are to bring a new dimension to the North Yorkshire tourist and agricultural scene, ensuring that people have a way to understand the farming way of life, whilst still enjoying the luxuries many require on holiday.

The project offers glamping in brand new innovative geodesic domes - it is the first of its kind in the north of England.

Roddy said: “The Private Hill pulls together agriculture, tourism, nature, ecology, luxury, the environment and will also encourage education for people visiting the area on farming, local fauna and flora; and village way of life amongst other things.”

He said that farmers need to think beyond a potential cash injection into their business: “We need to use diversification as an opportunity to educate the population of the UK, and those who visit our country, on what farmers do, why we do it and why it is important,” he said.

Roddy said diversification helps the public support British farming in the long term while farmers create a sustainable future.

“Farming is an age old vocation, and one that needs to thrive as changes happen on our political horizon. The Private Hill will of course supplement income once the investment is recouped, but the intention is that it will be much more than that.

“It's a commitment from us to ensure that small farms really can thrive into the future whilst delivering much of what the Agricultural Bill has asked us to do.”