Farmers invited to join AHDB's new business resilience programme

The programme kicks off with a three-day workshop for up to 50 farmers (Photo: AHDB)
The programme kicks off with a three-day workshop for up to 50 farmers (Photo: AHDB)

Up to 50 farmers are being invited to join a new AHDB programme which aims to build a 'more resilient future for British agriculture.'

The levy board's Roots to Resilience programme will challenge attendees to "stop thinking in black and white and unlock their full potential".

Farmers and industry stakeholders can apply to join now, with the initiative commencing from 13 to 15 December in Sutton Coldfield.

Samantha Charlton, AHDB head of engagement for beef and lamb, said Roots to Resilience was about shining a light on the people within farming businesses.

She said: "It can be challenging for farmers to focus on the future and invest in themselves when their time and brain space is filled with daily tasks and problem-solving.

"We want to challenge their thinking and help them reach their long-term goals by looking at the entire system instead of focusing on technical applications alone.

"We understand that every farmer and every farm is different and that the one-size-fits-all approaches are outdated and rarely successful."

The programme kicks off with a three-day workshop for up to 50 farmers, incorporating part of the renowned Ranch Management Consultants (RMC) 'Ranching for Profit' course, which will be presented by RMC owner Dallas Mount.

Dallas has worked with thousands of farmers and ranchers across the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia to position their businesses for economic profit and ecological health.

Attendees will be able to develop a bespoke action plan for their farm businesses, including identifying worry areas to address, communication at home and within the business.

They will also be able to take part in four quarterly virtual 'check-in' sessions in 2024 with Dallas, where he will continue to support them on their journeys to a profitable business.

A two-day workshop will also run for industry consultants ahead of the farmer-specific session from 11 to 12 December.

Samantha Charlton said the farmer workshop in December would give delegates the opportunity to step away from practical farming for three days and focus on long-term planning.

"It is very much about focusing on people and what they want to achieve, not just in their businesses but in their lives, as we know how intrinsically linked the two are," she said.

"The workshop will play a pivotal role in not only providing those attending with bespoke action plans for their businesses but in equipping us at AHDB with greater insight into the topics that our levy payers want."

What’s in it for farmers?

AHDB's new Roots to Resilience programme aims to equip farmers with the knowledge, tools and skills to identify business aims and plan future goals.

• Three-day residential workshop, held 13 to 15 December 2023 near Sutton Coldfield

• Technical modules freely available online to levy payers after the workshop and beyond as we get into the programme

• Led by Dallas Mount, owner of Ranch Management Consultants, home of the Ranching for Profit School

• Maximum of 50 farmers