Farmers put spotlight on British wool as month-long campaign starts

British Wool recently launched a consumer facing e-commerce website to help drive demand for wool
British Wool recently launched a consumer facing e-commerce website to help drive demand for wool

Sheep farmers are calling on politicians and green activists to back British wool as Wool Week gets underway for a full month this year.

Each year the event is used to amplify the wool message to consumers by putting a spotlight on its natural performance qualities and ecological benefits.

As part of this, British Wool will be highlighting to the public those organisations who have made a commitment to buy British-produced wool.

The co-operative will also promote the sustainability as well as the environmental benefits of wool and the wider sector.

Graham Clark, British Wool's director of marketing said: “We heavily promote wool throughout the year to consumers.

"However, Wool Week gives us an opportunity every year to launch a specific campaign to help drive awareness and ultimately demand for British wool rich products.

"This year we have an extensive programme planned with our brand partners promoting the best British wool has to offer."

The new British Wool e-shop will also be a focus for this month's campaign, giving sellers a platform to sell wool rich products direct to the consumer.

British Wool have also recently been involved in launching a number of new products and initiatives to help drive demand and ultimately the price for wool.

These include a major 100% carpet yarn - 'Wool Britannia' - with the market leader in the residential carpet sector in the UK, Headlam Group Plc.

A new traceable wool scheme has also been launched that already includes brands such as Harrison Spinks and Devon Duvets.

This year's Wool Week will be welcomed by producers who had seen rock bottom wool prices since the pandemic started last year.

Mr Clark said that while wool prices were 'well on the way to recovery', these various industry initiatives would help drive additional demand.

"We have a lot to update the consumer on during Wool Week," he said. "Much of this activity will be through our social media channels, we have a growing audience and we hope to increase this further during Wool Week."