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Farmfit are set to take the market by storm
Farmfit are set to take the market by storm

Farmfit are a new and innovative company launching their range of agricultural building internals at this year’s Royal Highland Show.

Farmfit are set to take the market by storm with their unique full service approach which hasn’t been seen before in the industry.

A real family affair, the team have been at the heart of the agricultural industry for over 12 years.

Originally part of Robinsons Scotland; the team who were at the forefront of the business working with farmers, saw a gap in the market for a reliable and innovative agricultural internals manufacturer who could design a product range that would overcome some of the challenges that farmers were facing on a daily basis with their agricultural products.

After 2 years researching the market and working with farmers to understand their needs, they determined that a one size fits all model would not work to fix the issues that they were seeing on a day to day basis.

Market and Pedigree

Farmfit has created two very different ranges to meet their customers unique requirements.

Their Market Range is an economical solution that will enhance the operating procedures of a farm as a result of the unique design features incorporated into their products.

Some of these features include strengthened hinges on their extendable gates and a higher than average field gate. This range is specifically designed for beef, dairy, and sheep housing.

The Pedigree Range, which is fabricated with larger steel sizes has been designed to withstand the considerable demands placed on modern farms and is a range that will stand the test of time.

However, it still boasts all of the innovative special features of the Market Range. The heavier and more durable range is specifically designed for beef herds and larger continental breeds.

Full fitting and installation

Not only do Farmfit design and manufacture all of their own equipment, they are able to provide a full fitting and installation service.

They can undertake any additional works such as concrete and ground works and install any additional equipment to enhance your building such as water drinkers, mats etc, which hasn’t been seen before in the industry.

Ryan Brown, Managing Director of Farmfit said: “We’ve been working with the agricultural industry for over 12 years now and we saw a gap in the market for a company that could supply high quality agricultural internals but also fit the products and deliver the full service.

“Our team have been heavily involved in the design process and have been instrumental in creating our range of innovative and high quality products. They really have been a strong driving force behind this launch and their knowledge of our customers operations has enabled us to create a range that will really make a difference to our customers.”

Farmfit are launching their new range of products at the this year’s Royal Highland Show, taking space on the Robinsons Scotland stand, as they will be the main distributor for Farmfit in the UK. They can be found on the 4th Avenue, stand number 324.