Farming industry to deliver quarter of Britain’s green energy this decade

Farming is to deliver one quarter of Britain’s green energy needs this decade, the National Farmers Union said.

With at least one in three businesses within the agriculture industry already diversifying into renewables the NFU, which is supporting the Energy Now Expo 2014, is confident that the UK farming industry will contribute significantly to the renewables sector this decade.

Jonathan Scurlock, Chief Adviser, Renewable Energy and Climate Change, NFU said: “The NFU Farm Energy Service already handles about 1500-2000 enquiries per year and we envisage this growing steadily over the next decade.

“The many kinds of bioenergy and wind power are probably the largest land-based renewable energy resources in Britain and the number of farmers and landowners who are incorporating these technologies is growing. Solar PV is not far behind, with nearly 3000 megawatts installed on rooftops and land in the past three years. Of this, at least 800 MW comprises solar farms, enough to power nearly 200,000 homes[1]. Alongside data showing that wind turbines are routinely supplying 10-15% of Britain’s electricity this winter, it is clear how far renewables have come already.”

David Jacobmeyer, organiser of Energy Now Expo, an event which showcases renewable energy opportunities available to agricultural and rural communities said: “These statistics from the NFU just prove how important renewable energy has become within the agriculture industry. With more and more options becoming available to farmers and landowners, it is the perfect time to get involved.”

“Energy Now Expo provides the perfect opportunity for farmers and landowners to hear and learn from some of the industry experts and anyone looking for advice on renewable energy technology should take the opportunity to attend the expo and visit the exhibition and conference streams.”

The fifth annual Energy Now Expo takes place at the Telford International Centre on the 12th - 13th February 2014 and will include a large conference and exhibition featuring over 160 renewable energy product and service suppliers.

Attendees to the event will be given the opportunity to participate in a multi streamed conference in which industry experts will present and discuss the very latest developments in renewable energy within the farming community.