Farmland a 'write off' after illegal rave involving 1,500 people

The landowner said the grass on the farmland 'is so trampled it won't recover'
The landowner said the grass on the farmland 'is so trampled it won't recover'

A landowner has said his fields are a 'write off' after 1,500 people used his farmland as the location for an illegal rave.

The unauthorised gathering of people took place across two fields at Wytch in Corfe Castle, near Wareham in Dorset on the Easter weekend.

Police were first called just passed midnight on Sunday 21 April with reports that in excess of 1,500 people had attended.

There were also a large number of vehicles travelling through the area. Police remained on scene throughout Sunday into Monday morning.

The landowner, Doug Ryder, told the BBC that the farmer who uses the fields is 'most distressed and upset'.

He said the farmland was covered in 'broken glass and human excrement' after the rave.

Mr Ryder said: “It was a grass crop for winter forage for cows - the grass is so trampled it won't recover.

“Myself and the farmer have now got to clear up the rubbish - it's a burden and a bit of a nightmare.”

'Selfish behaviour'

Residents and holidaymakers staying up to 10 miles (16km) away reported hearing loud music from the site.

Dorset Police's Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Kessell, said the force received more than 100 concerned calls from the public demonstrating how 'selfish' the rave was.

“We have liaised with the landowner and now put containment around the site to prevent further people from attending,” he said.

“Due to the large scale of the initial event this process has taken some time, and it is unfortunate that a core group of those involved continued to cause a disturbance into Sunday night.

“By the early hours of this morning only a small proportion of individuals remained on site. Sound equipment was seized, allowing us to minimise any further disruption to local residents.

“After initially refusing to comply with our efforts to move them on, this final group eventually left the site shortly after 12pm on Monday.”

Superintendent Kessell also said that the rave caused 'distress' to livestock on the farmland.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police at, via email or by calling 101. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via