Five beef and lamb farms needed for AHDB programme

AHDB’s Beef & Lamb team is recruiting for its next host farmers
AHDB’s Beef & Lamb team is recruiting for its next host farmers

Farms with a focus on beef and lamb finishing as well as calf rearing are being urged to join AHDB’s Farm Excellence programme.

This year, AHDB’s Beef & Lamb team will be welcoming five new Monitor Farms to join its existing 15 Strategic Farms.

The project aims to deliver improvements to the performance and profitability of the host business whilst providing a platform for farmers to share best practice.

AHDB said joining the programme will equip farmers with the tools and techniques to evaluate their farm’s strengths and weaknesses.

Hosts will have advice and guidance from industry specialists and consultants, and an audience of farmers.

Clive Brown, head of knowledge exchange at AHDB beef & lamb, said farmers have seen some 'real benefits' delivered on farm over the past three years.

"We’ve looked at a range of areas from grassland production and nutrition to breeding and animal health to help drive their businesses forward.

"All activity carried out on the farm was shared at open farm meetings, which provided attendees the opportunity to learn from the host’s experience.

"Even though it’s been a relatively short period in terms of livestock production, we’ve already seen major improvements across the board."

Deadline for applications is 30 September 2020.