Five sheep businesses join Strategic Farms programme

The two-year programme looks at improving industry best practice
The two-year programme looks at improving industry best practice

Five sheep farm across England which operate a variety of different systems have joined AHDB's Strategic Farms programme this month.

The farming businesses will now participate in the two-year programme which looks to improve financial performance.

The farmers are Neil Brown, New House Farm, Ludlow; Richard Carruthers, Rawfoot, Penrith; Adrian Coombe, Dupath Farm, Cornwall; Chris Elkington, The Brambles, Grantham; Steven Lawson, South Farm, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The first round of events for the new farms will take place from October.

Over the next two years it will focus on key areas of the business including: breeding, health, grassland management and financial performance.

Richard Carruthers said: “I’m thrilled to have been chosen to take part in the project. I’ve been making changes to the way the farm operates over the past five years and have seen some good results especially with rotational grazing.

“I now feel the business is ready to introduce bigger changes and am looking for new ideas from AHDB and from other farmers in the region.

“Having support from the Strategic Farm network will help me implement best practice and I look forward to hearing other peoples’ views and experiences of livestock farming.”

The project first began in 2017. Over the past two years it has worked with 11 farms which have all seen success around implementing best practice.

The events are seen as an opportunity for farmers to learn from the Strategic Farm programme and share their own experiences.

The Strategic Farms' launch events are happening next month and are free to attend for all levy-payers.