Fly control for livestock buildings

Flies - they're everywhere. It's a constant battle to control them and the problem never goes away, completely. With the milder weather, fly numbers are increasing, and the season has extended, now often lasting from early spring through to late autumn.

All flying insects annoy animals, disturbing grazing, and lowering production. It's estimated that milk production can easily drop by five per cent. And it's not just the irritation they cause, but the associated diseases they bring too. Summer mastitis, and New Forest Disease (Pink Eye), are just two, both incurring unnecessary costs and further production losses.

Flies are never going to be eliminated, but many measures can be taken on the farm to keep numbers down. Cleanliness is the key to fly control, with good hygiene around the farm, and within buildings, particularly in the milking parlour, essential. Flies are attracted to dirty areas, where they breed and multiply rapidly, so keeping the inside of buildings and the farmyard clean, helps to reduce numbers.

There's many products for controlling flies on the animal at pasture, but controlling flies in buildings is just as important too. Many traditional methods of control will kill those flies on the animals or in the building, but won't deter flies from entering the building in the first place - so what's the answer?



For complete control of flying insects in confined areas, Konk fly killer is the answer. It's a simple to use, battery operated system, based on the natural insecticide pyrethrin - known for its rapid knockdown and powerful insect repellent qualities. And Konk can be used anywhere on the farm where flies are a problem; it both kills flies and discourages further flies from entering the building.

Konk operates on an automatic timed aerosol pulse release, emitting a metered mist of insecticide constantly throughout the day and night, providing 24 hour protection against flies. And, furthermore, Konk is completely safe, it won't harm animals or humans, is non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Once in place the Konk Air Guard System is maintenance free, with only the aerosol to replace when required. With its proven effect against flies, Konk is the simple, convenient and inexpensive answer to fly control. Only available from Cox Agri and its distributors, call the Cox Agri service desk on 0845 6008081 for any further information.