Harper Adams Students' Union backtracks after vegan post

Harper Adams Students’ Union has since removed the Veganuary post
Harper Adams Students’ Union has since removed the Veganuary post

Harper Adams Students' Union has been forced to backtrack after it posted a social media message appearing to promote Veganuary.

Students at the agricultural college, which is situated on a 635 hectare farm, raised concern after the union posted a message of support for those following a meat-free diet this month.

In a Facebook statement, Harper Adams SU admitted that the post was 'ill-judged' as it was 'perceived as an attack on British farming'.

But it said it only wanted to show 'inclusion' and to 'celebrate freedom of choice'.

More than 400 social media users have responded to the statement, with some defending the union's right to highlight veganuary.

Others said the SU needed a 'serious reality check' after posting a message sympathetic to the vegan cause, which is widely seen as anti-livestock farming.

"Our students choose to be at Harper Adams to be the future of food and farming, alongside a range of other connected industries," the post said.

"You are learning to develop practices that will help us to maintain a secure, sustainable food supply whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

"Please continue to have those debates. Please connect us to causes you care about and show us the work you are doing to make a difference."

While Harper Adams SU admitted it had 'got this one wrong', it would not 'tolerate intolerance of anyone or anything different'.

"We will always support measured, informed debate," the post concluded.