Herefordshire farms go solar

Five farmers will be the first to receive their solar PV panels as 7Y Energy completes installations on their farms this month. After careful research, including trips to visit manufacturers in both India and China, the first 150kW consignment was delivered into the county. The first installations, organised by 7Y in partnership with our qualified installer, Herefordshire based Greenearth Energy, are being put on a variety of farm buildings including livestock sheds, cold stores and poultry buildings. No time has been wasted in getting the panels up on roofs where they can start producing green electricity and reducing energy bills for their owners.

7Y Energy will now have a regular supply of these panels to offer its members. Julian Morgan, Managing Director says "Since setting up this PV buying scheme we have had a lot of interest, but proving our experience with these farm systems in action will help convince others of their worth".

Nick Bevan farms in Bodenham, Herefordshire and has been one of the first to install a 40.32kW peak array at his farm. He comments; "We wanted to address our energy bills particularly in the potato shed where we have now put up the 40kW solar PV array. 7Y have been exceptionally professional in their whole approach to this and have worked with us every step of the way giving us confidence in the whole scheme."

Quick Facts:

Moor Court Farm PV Array, Bodenham, Herefordshire, HR1 3HW

Size of PV Array: 40.32kWp

Area: 282m2

Panels: 192 x Moser Baer 210W

Annual Target: 32,500 kWh

Carbon Saving: 17 tonnes CO2 per year

Expected time for payback: Approximately 8 years

7Y offers a fully managed service for our PV buying scheme members and makes sure that everything is taken care of from the initial survey and system design right through to commissioning. "We undertake a number of pre-project checks which are essential to avoid problems downstream," explains Julian. "Planning permission, structural surveys and grid connection permissions are all carried out by our team. We also look after Feed-in Tariff contracts and make sure clients get the best available pricing for exported electricity."

After sales care is also a priority for 7Y. "We don’t want our clients to feel abandoned after the system has been installed and running. Our after sales services include remote monitoring systems to record output and performance, service visits by engineers and advice about electricity sales."

7Y will have completed six farm solar PV systems by the end of 2010 each averaging 30-40kW in size, firmly establishing them as experienced operators in this market. "Our co-operative purchasing model is very effective in ensuring we can provide the best returns for our clients along with top quality panels and inverters".

7Y held two drop-in open days last week to view the Bodenham installation on Wednesday 15 and Friday 17 December 2010. Launched by Sir Ben Gill who is a non executive director of Countrywide Farmers he comments:

"As the price of oil moves upwards the awarenss of renewable energy to develop and exploit has assumed ever greater importance. This example of solar photovoltaic (PV) fits exactly with the the objective set by the current Government in capturing basic renewable energy from the sun and transforming electricity supply to local and national needs."