Holstein UK unveils winners of 2023's All Britain Awards

A total of 168 cattle were entered in the All Britain Awards (Photo: Holstein UK)
A total of 168 cattle were entered in the All Britain Awards (Photo: Holstein UK)

Holstein UK's 2023 All Britain Awards have been crowned giving worldwide recognition to 'high performing and exquisite' cattle.

A total of 168 cattle were entered in the awards, which was announced by Holstein UK on Saturday 16 March at the UK Dairy Expo.

A total of fifteen classes were judged based on the quality of animals displayed in show rings throughout recognised shows in the UK in 2023.

The awards bring together animals from across the UK, allowing them to compete head-to-head.

Shortlisted animals from each class were submitted to the National Judging Panel after the first round of judging.

The preliminary judges for this year were David Hodgson (Wormanby), Iwan Morgan (Erie) and Michael Yates (Logan).

Commenting on the preliminary judging, David said: “It has been a huge privilege and yet again the quality and strength in depth on every class was exceptional.”

Iwan added “The outstanding quality seen at all of the UK shows this year is again reflected in the All Britain nominations.

"The top six are an excellent group in each section, but we must congratulate all entries as there were a lot of animals unlucky to miss out. Congratulations everyone.”

Michael added “It’s great to see so much enthusiasm for showing, given that there was very little between the classes.

"There have been some great cows unlucky to miss out on a nomination! I feel the breed is in a strong place going forward and look forward to the 2024 show season.”

Final placements were determined by the Holstein UK National Judging Panel, who allocated their placings individually, with the Champion, Reserve and Honourable Mention titles awarded to the animals with the most votes.

As Holstein UK's chairman, Wallace Gregg expressed his congratulations to all winners of the All Britain Awards 2023.

“With the same passion and dedication as past years, our breeders continue to raise and display such a fine display of cattle. We continue to strengthen our breed by seeing animals excel in productivity and performance.”

Champion results

Junior Heifer: Drointon Jordy Crispy Promis

Intermediate Heifer: Woodcatt Crushabull Rapture

Senior Heifer: Slatabogie Lambda Gold

Junior Two Year Old: Wiltor Chief Atlee

Intermediate Two Year Old: Wolfa Chief Sue

Senior Two Year Old: Riverdane Tatoo Ambrosia

Junior Three Year Old: Eedy Crushabull Acclaim

Senior Three Year Old: MAG Pandor

Four Year Old: Evening Sidekick Jennifer

Five Year Old: Wilt Bailay

Mature Cow: Styche Armour Hilgonda

Junior Red & White Heifer: Slatabogie Willows Avina Red

Senior Red & White Heifer: Bailmoor Robin A Redrose Red

Red & White Heifer in Milk: Feizor Mirand A Kandie Red

Red & White Cow in Milk: Wiltor Jordy Rosie Red