JC Machinery to show new products at LAMMA 2014

The new Vredo DZ Agri Air series of overseeders are specifically designed for small areas which may have slopes or undulating terrain. It features a pneumatic hopper which channels the seed directly to the cam wheel. Calibration of seed is simple and accurate.

Vredo’s Agri Air overseeders are equipped with the famous proven Dual-Disc System which delivers a germination rate of 96%. The pairs of discs, set 7.5cms apart, guide seed into a V-shaped slit in to the sward, whatever the soil conditions – clay, peat, loam or sand, wet or dry. The seed is covered with soil to protect it from external predators and extreme weather conditions guaranteeing a quick germination and deep rooting of the injected seed.

John Campey spokesman for JC Machinery said “This machine is perfect for challenging areas and we will be happy to talk to anyone who is looking for a solution to overseeding on difficult terrain.”

Other machines on the stand include the Vredo 3m Agri Seeder and the highly successful 4.4m Vredo Agri Twin Seeder with packer ring. This outstanding machine has changed the way grassland is over-seeded or re-seeded, providing the highest capacity for successful overseeding in all grassland areas.

Each sowing element of the overseeder is spring suspended, following the contours of the ground giving a consistently even sowing depth.

It targets existing pastures and turf where the grass cover is too thin or where there are open patches in the turf. These machines are essential for any contractor wanting to offer a complete grassland rejuvenation programme.

The Imants 48SX Spader – for sandy and light clay soils

This latest Spader is faster, lighter and stronger than its predecessor. The machine is perfect for farms from 100-600 ha and tractors from 130-250 hp. With a capacity up to 2 ha per hour! Even very small plots can be worked easily without creating a furrow and the headlands are as well prepared as the middle of the fields.

Spading is an even more attractive option when equipped with a seedbed preparatory for simultaneous primary and secondary tillage. In combination with a drill or a planter the cost reductions of labour, man hours and fuel are even greater.

The 48SX is also the first rotary spader with harrow that has a gear driven spade shaft. This gearbox has been developed by Imants to handle tractors from as little as 130 Hp up to 250 Hp.

Primary tillage is achieved using a shaft consisting of 6 banks with 6 arms (3 left and 3 right). Behind the spade shaft is the simplest of harrows being nothing more than a driven roller with small tines that prepare the seedbed and give the necessary consolidation. This secondary tillage tool will create a perfect consolidated seedbed, level the surface and incorporate organic residue.

Another new product at LAMMA is the VREDO cutting-filter

It is the ideal solution to keeping liquid manure flowing smoothly. The dual action filters and cuts through large masses which can occur while pouring slurry.

Whether mounted on your tank or truck, the smart design positions the filter in front of the pump in the suction pipe. This means the filter does not interrupt the flow of material, so you retain optimum protection of all moving parts.