Joanna Shimwell stars in A-Plan Rural Insurance's Rural Community blog

 Joanna Shimwell - known as @dalefarmphotos on Instagram - is a farmer whose family farm began in 1880
Joanna Shimwell - known as @dalefarmphotos on Instagram - is a farmer whose family farm began in 1880

A-Plan Rural Insurance have set up a Rural Community blog as part of their work on social media to contribute to farmers' efforts in showcasing British farming.

The blog invites farmers to give their experiences in the industry, sharing their contributions to over 120,000 followers on Instagram.

Bridging the gap between farm and the consumer is something that lots of farmers are trying to do in an effort to help more people understand the reality of what goes into producing their food.

Since starting the blog, A-Plan Rural have worked with a great variety of farmers from differing backgrounds and locations all over the UK.

They previously spoke with Millie, a sheep farmer based in Kent, who used to work in the public services but is now a shepherdess. She was featured in the blog.

Sophie Mitchell-Smith, a cattle hoof trimmer based around Manchester who works with her father, starred in it recently.

The latest blogs included Rhi Pinches, a suckler beef and sheep farmer based in the Shropshire Hills, who works with her father on their family farm, and Shirley McNiven, who runs a sheep and cattle farm in Aberdeenshire.

Now in A-Plan Rural's latest blog, they spoke with Joanna Shimwell - known as @dalefarmphotos on Instagram - a farmer whose family farm began in 1880.

In the blog, Joanna shares how she became involved with farming through helping her father.

Despite being discouraged from a life on the farm from the hardship her parents had faced through the Thatcher era, she found herself drawn to farming life and now runs Dale Farm alongside her husband.

Joanna shared more of her story and journey in farming over the A-Plan Rural blog.