Landini launches 'new-look' 5-H tractor

The four-model Landini 5-H T4i tractor range has power outputs from 85-113hp with electronic fuel injection control.
The four-model Landini 5-H T4i tractor range has power outputs from 85-113hp with electronic fuel injection control.

A new version of the Landini 5-H Series tractor has been launched with a more fuel-efficient engine, new power options and a refreshed cabin interior with additional information provided by the new instrument panel.

The tractor also introduces a new ‘family face’ for the Landini range, with a one-piece hood that not only incorporates driving and work lights but also provides plenty of airflow to help keep the engine working at the correct temperature.

“The new styling certainly gives the tractor a very modern appearance,” says Richard Wareham, service manager at GB distributor AgriArgo UK. “It also emphasises the advanced technology beneath the hood that gives the tractor increased performance and better fuel economy.”

The current Landini 5-H line-up comprises five models from 74hp to 110hp; these are being replaced by four models with power outputs from 85hp to 113hp.

Dual Power on TOP versions provides extra muscle for road towing and working pto-driven implements.
Dual Power on TOP versions provides extra muscle for road towing and working pto-driven implements.

Two versions

Buyers can have the Techno version, with a dry clutch 24x12 transmission and manual three-point linkage operation, or the TOP Dual Power version, which not only comes with the T-Tronic wet clutch power shuttle transmission and more equipment but also extra power for selected operations.

“For a tractor of this size and power, the new Landini 5-H TOP is very well equipped,” says Richard Wareham. “And with Dual Power for the 5-090H, 5-100H and 5-110H, operators can tap into some extra muscle when working a pto-driven implement or when towing a trailer or spreader on the road.

“With the Landini 5-100H, for example, the output of 95hp for operating draft implements like a plough or cultivator automatically increases by 7% to 102hp for towing and pto work,” he explains. “It’s a real bonus for a tractor in this class.”

The Dual Power feature has been developed using the electronic high pressure fuel injection system of the new Perkins 854E-E34TA four-cylinder diesel engine that nestles beneath the bonnet. At 3.4-litres displacement, it is a more compact engine but serves up better power delivery and increased torque output to give the tractor improved performance.

“Peak torque of 450Nm from the 113hp version in the 5-115H is 9% more than from the previous engine and it’s developed at lower revs,” Richard Wareham points out. “Yet the engine will typically use 8% less fuel, which is a real bonus.”

Common rail fuel injection ensures that diesel is metered precisely and atomised more effectively for a cleaner, more efficient burn. That in itself helps the engine meet Euro Stage 3B / US Tier 4i emissions rules but to complete the clean-up process, the exhaust gases pass through a combined particulate filter and oxidation catalyst, which under normal operating cycles requires no maintenance.

Transmission choice

On Techno models, power and torque are channelled through a simple 24x12 gearbox and dry clutch, but 5-H TOP Dual Power models have the T-Tronic 36x12 power shuttle transmission with three powershift steps forwards. Both transmissions can be upgraded by adding a creep gearbox for operations requiring extra-slow working speeds.

To suit different working situations – and driver preferences – the responsiveness of the T-Tronic transmission and power shuttle clutch can be fine-tuned using a dial alongside the new instrument pod. It will then provide a sharp action for heavy draft work and a more progressive response when the tractor is only lightly loaded.

Standard TOP Dual Power specification also includes an air suspension seat and push-back pick-up hitch.

True all-wheel braking features on all models thanks to the installation of four oil-immersed discs in the front axle, where a locking diff engaged automatically when the rear diff lock is activated ensures maximum traction in difficult conditions.

PTO and hydraulics

All transmissions can be had with two-speed (540/1000rpm) or three-speed economy (540/540E/1000rpm) power take-off, with ground-drive pto also available. Swapping the six- and 21-spline stub shafts incurs no oil loss.

Rear hydraulic lift is rated at 4750kg and an integrated front linkage and pto combination can be added. For the auxiliary hydraulics, two lever-operated spool valves are installed as standard, with another two optional – buyers can have kick-out and float/motor valves if they wish, operated by a joystick.

Having a dedicated steering pump means the 52-litres/min main gear pump will provide a consistent supply of oil to the external services valves and on-board functions.

Cab interior upgrade

A refreshed cab interior for this latest version of the Landini 5-H Series tractor has lighter trim materials for a brighter place to work, a new air suspension seat on TOP Dual Power models and easier to use hydraulic valve levers.

Mounting the new instrument pod on the adjustable steering column means the information and alerts it provides should always be clearly visible.

“There are two large dials showing information such as fuel level, coolant temperature and engine speed,” notes Richard Wareham. “A central LCD panel provides useful management information, including distance and area, and also for the first time, fuel consumption and total fuel used.”

In summary, the new Landini 5-H T4i Series represents a significant upgrade to a tractor with a deserved reputation for reliability, performance and ease of the use.

“With more power and torque but better fuel economy, and a refreshed cab with new features, the 5-H has even more appeal than before,” Richard Wareham concludes.