Lincs farmers to benefit from funded training and mentorship

The programme will take place over six months, including monthly mentoring sessions
The programme will take place over six months, including monthly mentoring sessions

Lincolnshire farmers can now take part in a training, development and mentoring programme to allow for personal and professional growth.

As part of the programme, mentors are personally matched with farmers based on their objectives, what they need help with and personality types.

Although mentoring is standard practice in the business world, Helen Wyman, founder of Cultivate Success, says she is passionate about bringing it to farmers.

“Mentoring has the ability to really catapult a mentee’s life and business into a place where they can both thrive,” Ms Wyman, who is a farmer’s daughter from Yorkshire, explained.

"And it is particularly valuable to those in the farming industry regardless of what stage individuals are at in their career journey."

The programme has been awarded grant money from the Lincolnshire Wolds Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL), enabling it to be fully funded for successful applicants.

Farmers will have access to an exclusive network of fellow mentees in the Lincolnshire Wolds, as well as regular tips and resources along the way.

It will take place over the space of six months, including monthly mentoring sessions and one day of training around setting career goals, effective timekeeping and motivation.

Ms Wyman added: “Everyone can benefit from mentoring, whether you’re a new entrant looking for support, or someone with an established business looking for new perspectives – it opens the channels for accessing different networks, which is invaluable in this industry.

“Mentoring is about creating a network which doesn’t exist – it’s not sales driven, it doesn't have a hidden agenda, and it is open to anyone in the farming industry.”

The closing date for applications is 1 July 2024, with the training day on 18 July in Lincolnshire.