Massey Ferguson unveils MF 5600 tractors

Massey Ferguson has unveiled the new MF 5600 Series tractors which will replace the previous steep nose models.

The three cylinder, 3.3 litre capacity engine meets emissions limits with just the addition of a maintenance-free DOC and an element of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).

"The MF 5600 Series provide the most straight-forward and practical answer to meeting the latest emission regulations in this tractor power bracket," says Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Brand Development Manager.

"The radical new design sets the new benchmark for loader tractors with an engine size and power that is exactly right for the job. With the MF 5400 from Massey Ferguson we set the standard and now with the MF 5600 Series were are further raising the bar to ensure livestock and mixed farmers do not have to compromise by employing older, out-dated designs."

MF 5600 features:

• Three cylinder, 3.3 litre engine – using straight-forward technology as a maintenance free way of meeting latest emissions legislation

• MF 7600-style cab with new instrument display and right-hand console, pillar and panel

• Three roof options: Standard, Visio and Slimline, plus two cab positions allows users to select exactly the specification to suit customers’ height and comfort requirements

• High flow (combined 100 litre/min) hydraulics operate loaders quickly and at low revs

• New right hand joystick allows operators to control transmission, hydraulics and loader operation with one hand

• Visibility for both loader and front linkage operation from new windscreen, sloping narrow bonnet and compact cooling package

Three cylinder engine

Developed specifically for use in tractors, the 3.3 litre capacity engine which powers the new MF 5600 Series offers power density from its three cylinders.

On top of providing more output/cylinder the design is perfectly sized for the application and offers unrivalled levels of power and torque, generated at low engine speeds for optimum fuel economy.

The ingenious design of its electronically-controlled, common-rail fuel injection and superb airflow through four valves/cylinder, means it requires only a maintenance-free Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and an element of External Gas Recirculation (EGR) to clean the exhaust gases to meet the Stage 3B emissions limits.

Three cylinders means there are fewer moving parts that create less friction than four, leading to better fuel efficiency. Economy is further improved by the long, 500hr service intervals.

Visibility is enhanced thanks to the three cylinder engine, allowing for a neat, narrow steep-nose bonnet along with the slim dashboard and option of Visio roof. Flow from the hydraulic pumps can be combined automatically, providing up to 100 litre/min flow at 200bar, only when it is needed. This means loaders respond quickly to controls, even at low engine rpm.

A new mechanical joystick not only operates the loader, but also allows operators to change direction as well as increase or decrease speed with the same lever. Another new and unique feature for the Dyna-4 Eco transmission is an automatic control that selects neutral when the brake is pressed, which further eases loader operation and cuts wear. Operators can also change direction, shift gears and select neutral with the left-hand Power Control lever.

Equipped with the exclusively designed, MF 900 loader range, the MF 5600 Series offers the ultimate in loader application sophistication.

Dyna-4 ECO with brake pedal activated neutral

All the MF 5600 Series are equipped with the Dyna-4 transmission, which has been optimised for use in tractors from 80hp to 110hp.

Users also benefit from new features to enhance operation and improve economy, with Massey Ferguson providing large tractor technology to users of lower hp models.

A unique brake-activated transmission to neutral features is standard and a real boon for loader operations, increasing efficiency and convenience. A new ECO mode saves fuel by allowing the transmission to achieve transport speeds of up to 40km/hr* at lower engine speeds.

Also new from Massey Ferguson, for the first time, is the option of AutoDrive on the MF 5600 Series. This is another big tractor feature now available for lower power tractors. In the ‘Hare’ setting AutoDrive automatically changes both Dynashift speeds and ranges, allowing 16 speeds to change automatically, simply by adjusting the throttle pedal. For fieldwork – in the Tortoise setting – the system automatically changes the speeds within the ranges.

High-visibility cab brings high-hp benefits to smaller tractors

The new MF 5600 benefits from Massey Ferguson’s expertise in designing cutting-edge working environments for the high-hp sector. Despite its compact stature, the new MF 5600 Series is equipped with a similar sized cab as the high-hp MF 7600 range.

All models will be available in two different cab positions, with both able to be specified with a Slimline, Visio or Standard roof, providing a range of overall height options.

All models boast a new cab interior with new right-hand console, new pillar and new controls. The new dashboard, shared with the flagship MF 8600 range, allows for enhanced visibility for front loader and front implement operation.

Additional new features include PTO activation linked with linkage controls, lockable spool valves, a new dot matrix information screen and a cool box.

For those wanting more automation and control, it is possible for operators to adjust a number of functions, such as engaging neutral with the brake pedal (a must for intensive loader work), adjusting shuttle and powershift aggressiveness, activation of a specified engine speed when engaging the fender mounted PTO engagement button, as well as access to data such as fuel use.

The new cab also enables a deeper seat cushion to be fitted to those cabs with Slimline roof, to provide extra comfort.

Hydraulic flow with easy operation

As standard, new MF 5600 models are equipped with the already proven efficient 58 + 33 litre/min twin pump system. For those wanting extra flow, however, there’s the option of a133litre/min hydraulic system which provides an automatic high-flow 100 litre/min for loader operation.

Once this is activated, the output from three pumps is automatically combined if and when hydraulic flow is required, i.e. when the loader is in use. There’s also no need to press any buttons, as when the rear linkage is activated the system is separated once more.