Meat purchasing app updated to include more cuts

The app allows the UK meat sector to bring clarity and consistency to users
The app allows the UK meat sector to bring clarity and consistency to users

An AHDB app specifically designed to simplify meat ordering for buyers and exporters has been updated to include an additional 300 cuts.

Originally featuring 450 beef, lamb, mutton, pork and veal cuts, the Meat Purchasing Guide (MPG) app been updated to include more.

The new upgrade means the app's 30,000 users can now make the most of new product ideas.

The free of charge app was launched by AHDB in 2013 and is designed to make meat ordering quicker and easier.

Developed for meat suppliers, buyers, product developers, exporters and importers, the app allows users to select their desired cuts and email the list direct to their suppliers.

With images and descriptions, the app also links to cutting specifications on the AHDB website, allowing suppliers to provide customers with what they want.

Programme lead Dick van Leeuwen said the app helped the British meat sector 'modernise' and become 'more resilient'.

“Meat cuts can be somewhat confusing, especially with new cuts being developed, the interchangeability of traditional and modern names, and the challenges language barriers can bring.

“The guide allows us to bring some clarity and more importantly consistency to our industry, not to mention wider understanding and skills development," he said.

The app if free of charge and available to download from App Store on Apple devices or Google Play Store on Android devices.